About Us
Diagraphic Technologies is a community of coders sharing ideas and working collaboratively on projects for the sake of learning, building, and having a good time. Diagraphic is fundamentally decentralized - while there is a basic organizational structure, developers are free to follow their passions. As a result, each person in the mix plays a hand in the design and build process of every other application - not just through actual lines of code, but also through conceptual development, teaching, and advice.

Diagraphic has humble beginnings. What began as a personal project between two highschool seniors who did not want to take notes in class became a tech group dedicated to solving the real world problems of the modern era. Today, the Diagraphic Technologies team consists of coders, hackers, designers, and dreamers. Representing some of the top universities in the country, the team has a wide range of interests that reflects the equally diverse projects - Chalk in EdTech, LexicalPT in HealthTech, Rerep in Social Media, and Arrow in Mobile.

Take a look at our team below, or click on the projects link to see who is working on what.